The Hixme Solution

If nothing changes, in 20 years, your benefits costs will to 50% of your personnel expenses.  Today it’s less than 15%.

But money is being squandered NOW. Eighty eight percent of your workers consume less healthcare than what you’re paying for. Let us rephrase: 12% of your workforce is using benefits coverage that is paid for by 88% of the workers. Why should the 88% pay for more than what they actually use?

There’s a movement underway that you HAVE to evaluate. Dozens and dozens of companies are approaching this crisis with creative Benefit Coverage solutions that get real results, which all points to one thing: there is a better way to do healthcare.

Hixme offers a great solution. Backed by proprietary technology, we found a way to eliminate over-insuring. We access a different market to allow your workers to choose the best-fitting carrier/plan to fit each member of the family, and then we wrap it with safety nets to make sure they get the best coverage.

Accessing the Direct-to-Consumer Market

Put yourself in the shoes of your newest hire. You shake a bunch of hands, you get your on boarding materials, and then you get the benefits packet. You open the packet to see who the carrier is, and what plans are offered. You hope that your upcoming surgery is going to be covered. Your heart drops – it’s a whole different carrier… and you have to pay twice as much for the procedure.

Do you know this feeling? It sucks.

Hixme has changed this. Carriers offer multiple plan levels to fit every individual need.

Through our platform, your workers get access to every carrier and plan available where they live and work. And what’s better is that each worker and dependent can choose the best fitting plan individually, from the carrier of their choice.

The result? Your workers are happier. They get what they want, at the price they want to pay. You’re happier, because the platform wraps it all up into a group plan, and right-fitting coverage means better-fitting costs for you.

The Hixme Health Bundle

But what if one of your workers, Sudeep, chose a low-coverage plan and had an unexpected medical bill? We got that covered too.

Every core health plan is bundled with Hixme’s proprietary finance/insurance safety net. This component gives your workers additional coverages to limit out-of-pocket exposure, as well as better options to settle bills.

The Hixme Bundle gives Sudeep a tangible benefit by covering more of his share of his out-of-pocket expense, and a more palatable way of paying off this unexpected bill.

Better coverage. More options. Powered by the Hixme WorkPlace Market. Interested in seeing if your company can benefit? Contact us.