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Your employees deserve control, visibility, and flexibility in their benefit programs.


We simplify complex benefits decisions.

We begin working with clients by assuming full responsibility for their existing benefits program—we work with you to build a thoughtful pathway to the Hixme platform.

Hixme’s employer toolkit uses analytics to model your organization’s unique savings opportunity under our new employee-centric benefits model.

By migrating to the Hixme model, employees are given more ownership and control over their health plan, while employers experience reduced cost and simplified administration.

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I’m in Human Resources.

Hixme provides a unique benefit approach so you can stay competitive for recruiting and retaining employees.

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I’m in finance.

Hixme can help you manage rising health insurance costs without cost shifting or diminishing the value to your employees.

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I’m a CEO.

Hixme gets you out of the business of health insurance so you can focus on the business of your business.

What other employers are saying.

“I get pretty excited about the potential of this paradigm shift! Hixme is freedom—liberty.”

Tony Cost, VP, HR – Silgan Containers

“Hixme alleviates the process of group medical; making it easier for the employer and more personal for the employee.”

Timothy Hill, CFO, Raleigh Enterprises

Discover if Hixme can save your company 20% or more on health benefits.

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I want health benefits that offer true choice.