Broad access to quality Health Insurance Carriers

Personalized benefits with top insurers allow for Right-Fitting Coverage, which a real cost containment strategy.  Hixme has access to all health insurance carriers core health plans available where your workers live.

Our revolutionary health coverage plans help give your workers exactly what they need, at the cost they want.  Simply set a monthly benefit allowance for workers and let them buy what fits their personal needs.  It’s all ERISA and ACA compliant.

By personalizing worker benefit plans, we stop feeding into the national healthcare problem by providing access to all available local carrier/plan options.

Beneficial to Both Employers and Workers

You want to give your workers highly personalized and fully utilized benefits – but traditional employment insurance medical benefits only limits your workers to 2-4 cookie-cutter options chosen by you.

Be awesome.  Give them access to every carrier and plan available where they live and work (over 170 carriers and 3,000 plans nationwide).

Want to see which Hixme marketplace health insurance plans are available for your workers?  Contact us.