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Below are some of the common questions that we receive here at Hixme. Take a look and see if any are answered for you.


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Yes. Our accounting and legal experts have reviewed all relevant requirements post-ACA and the Hixme model complies.
Carrier payments work in a way like today. There is a pretax payroll withholding for each employee contribution.  The employer funds the total amount of all employee premiums monthly and Hixme allocates payment for each employee’s monthly bill.

Hixme's EnrollMe helps employees to set up debit accounts that link to their integrated HRA, and then directs payments to the carrier of their choice for the plan of their choice. Hixme technology assists employees to prepare instructions to their employer to help fund their account each month and to establish the appropriate deductions from their payroll checks. Funding can come from both employee and employer contributions
Yes, and our call center doesn’t route your call all over the world. We have helpful, friendly and knowledgeable benefit professionals here, in the US, who will help you pick a plan and answer all your questions.
With Hixme, benefits administration and budget management issues dissipate. The HR professional is free to focus on goals that equal in more wins for the organization.
Yes, but you've never seen a private exchange quite like this. Only Hixme provides employers, their employees and family members access to the growing market of over 3,800 consumer plans. Only Hixme reduces total benefit costs, as well as employer administrative costs, without forcing employees into less coverage. Only Hixme eliminates unnecessary benefits admin costs and the need for stop loss coverages. Only Hixme allows different family members to chose different benefits or an employer to extend coverage to non-employees without concern.
Hixme does not offer subsidies. We sell a broad range of coverages provided from the largest health insurers in the country on an individual to individual basis. Think of Hixme more as a private exchange than a public exchange for active working Americans.
Hixme's EnrollMe makes shopping and buying the best benefits for each employee and their family easy with instant support if needed.
Hixme is licensed to sell plans from most of the quality insurance and managed care companies throughout the country.
We offer a group of voluntary products that complements each employees' medical plan selection. All voluntary plans are available with some qualifying medical questions and no physical exams. These are individual policies issued direct to the the employee from the participating carrier.

Some of our voluntary products:
  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Short/Long Term
  • Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer, Accident
  • Long Term Care
  • Voluntary Dental
  • Vision
  • Identity Theft
  • Group Legal Plans
  • Pet insurance
This is like saying, "My employee prefers their flip phone. They won't like a smart phone." Your employees will be hearing more and more about the huge variety of choices now available to consumers. With Hixme, employees will still receive employer contribution but have access to so many better suited alternatives.

On average, Hixme’s plans are cheaper than your companies plan.  We find that often your employees can buy better plans for the same amount of money that your company is spending now.
Individual premiums are not tied to any employee's claims or use of services. In fact, those costs are spread over close to 20 million Americans in the individual pools. The Affordable Care Act guarantees the largest and most broad based funding for each employee in this model - far greater than what a traditional group benefits model can provide.
Call our sales team at 1-855-HIXME-4U and they will be happy to give you a demo.
Hixme provides benefits to over 10,000 employees and their families, and is growing fast as employers complete their 2016 plans.
Enrollment is easy. There are a variety of ways you can enroll in your benefits with Hixme. You can use the internet and access where you can login to EnrollMe. If you have questions, our knowledgable staff is ready to assist you via phone 1-855-HIXME-4U or email. If need be, we can even schedule a Customer Experience Manager to come to your office and help you enroll.

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