Hixme Benefits Management Platform

Hixme Benefits Management Platform, the WorkPlace Market™

Hixme’s online employee benefits platform lets personalization change the way your workers choose family benefits.

We call it the Hixme WorkPlace Market™.

This employee benefits enrollment software gives your workers access to health plans directly from all insurance carriers available where they live.  No more fixed options from one carrier.  And yes, it’s completely ERISA and ACA compliant.

Why did we build this?  Because personalization has changed how we do business, and it’s time to use it to fix healthcare.

How It Works

Our benefits management software works by responding to your workers’ needs and using algorithms to determine best-fitting coverage available in their area.

During enrollment, the WorkPlace Market matches each individual with a unique Hixme Health Bundle (TM).  The worker can choose what’s suggested, or they can compare options as they’d like.

The platform fully integrates with your human resource management software.

Employer Advantages

The WorkPlace Market offers a huge benefit to you: it streamlines employee benefits administration and enrollment.  There’s no need for a benefits administration system.  And it eliminates the time consuming, costly annual benefits redesign process.  With this platform, you will also better support your workers’ coverage needs – which often translates to happier workers.

The biggest win: it’s a viable cost containment strategy.  By simply allowing workers to choose only what they need, it cuts your costs by 10% or more.

Worker Advantages

If you were buying clothes for your family, you wouldn’t purchase the same size for everybody.

With our employee benefits enrollment software, your workers can now choose personalized healthcare coverage for each member of the family, which will cost them less than the “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Hixme’s employee benefits portal has access to more than 170 carriers and 3,000 health plans nationwide.  John wants an HMO, but his wife Lisa wants a national PPO?  No problem – our employee benefits information system can do it.  Little Paxton and Bentley need moderate coverage to insure against their active lifestyles?  Piece of cake.

For more information about our revolutionary employee benefits platform, contact us at 1-855-HIXME-4U (1-855-449-6348).